Kwach Owor-Obbo


Kwach studied at the prestigious Makerere University Uganda graduating with a BA Honours Degree in Public Administration & Political Science. He also attended his MBA in London; he has attended the Management in Practice course by the British Council in Kampala. Kwach has been in the private sector for the last 13 years with interests ranging from construction to pharmaceutical supplies in Uganda, Kenya and the UK. Kwach brings on board a wealth of experience in Project Management which is critical to Chenshia's intended activities in Uganda. Kwach has been a keen observer

and analyst on the political scene in Uganda and has developed relationships across the spectrum. Kwach is a father to two handsome boys living in the UK; he is a good team player which has been evident in his various entrepreneurial ventures. Kwach enjoys his work and it never worries him to put in many extra hours. Kwach is a passionate supporter of Manchester United; he is an avid reader across a broad spectrum of book titles and themes. Kwach also relishes travelling around the region and has a charm for making friends.

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