Paula Nansumba


Paula is a vibrant and brilliant young lady; she is currently studying for a BSc Communications Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology in China. Paula has been very pivotal in introducing Chenshia in Uganda. Paula's knowledge of Chinese, French and English languages has been vital in managing Chenshia Uganda's International relations. Paula is keen on risk taking, and turning risk into investment with positive returns. She will apply her excellent interpersonal

communication skills, an assimilated Chinese culture, and fluency in mandarin, to promote suitable and friendly working conditions between Africa and China for emerging markets, and upcoming projects, and to provide valuable and unique services required for cross culture environment. Paula has worked for Chenshia in Wuhan and in South Africa as PA to the group chairman. She is also actively involved in the leadership of Ugandan Students Association in Wuhan and serves as a Program Director for the community of Wuhan English Church.

In the end it will be ok, if it isn't ok, it isn't the end!