Shennongjia Golden Monkeys

The area is a conservation zone and is the only place on earth where one finds the extremely rare Shennongjia Golden haired Monkeys, of which there are only a few thousand. Along with panda bears, these animals are considered a national treasure in China and no effort is spared in their conservation.

4 Seasons in one day

Shennongding Peak, the highest mountain of Shennongjia, is 3105.4 meters above sea level whilst the lowest point, Shizhu River in south eastern Shennongjia, is only 398 meters above sea level. Visitors can enjoy witnessing the different beauties of the four seasons at different altitudes. Flowers blossom out at every corner; firs, spruces, dove trees, and many other rare trees can be seen everywhere.

There are so many things to see in the Shennongjia Forest Reserve, it would take many visits to experience it all. We have listed some of the best here to wet your appetite.